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Juicy Squish, Software, Mobile Phones, 2022

Bubbles, Feels, and Bunny, Software, Video, 2020 - Lot Residency Silicon Valet, Online

Gummies Emote, Software, Digital Image, 2021

Gummies Stickers, Software, Digital Image, 2021

Stars, Software, Mobile Phone, Printed Adhesive Vinyl, 2020

Sweet Sweet, Software, Video, 2020 - Wretched of the Screen, Magdalen Artspace, Oxford, UK

Bubbles, Software, Video, 2019 - Artist Res, Wet Productions, Online

Heyday 3D, Software, Video, 2019 - is this it? Residency, Online

Sweet Sweet, Digital Print, Adhesive Vinyl, Plexiglass Board, 2020

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